I'm so much more than the status quo

Hello :) I'm Michelle Laura. This is a blog for my gifs. Everything on here is mine, and if it's not then I will say so.

If you have any requests, just let me know through my ask box.

Gifs you will see:
Starkid, Glee, Misfits, Disney, Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, Joe Walker, Joey Richter, Lauren Lopez
and a bunch of movies and shows and people I like/love


Martha: Oh my god. You’ve got a hand. A hand in a jar. A hand. In a jar. In your bag.

Doctor: That’s my hand!

Jack: I said I had a doctor detector

Martha: What do you mean that’s your hand? You’ve got both your hands. I can see them!

Doctor: Long story. I lost my hand-Christmas Day-in a sword fight.

Martha: And what? You grew another hand?

Doctor: Yea. Yea, I did. Yea. Hello 


Misha: Tug of Worm anyone?

Jared: Eat it. I dare you to eat it. You have to eat it.

Misha: I’m not going to eat it. That’s disgusting. I’m going to wear it as a wormstache.

hey guys! 

guess what?!

I’m back! 


I’m on break this week though so I’m going to try and make some gifs :) 

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